Five people killed in extremist attack

Somali minister among five killed by extremist attack in Mogadishu

Police in India File False Criminal Charges Against Three Pastors After Brutal A

Pastors complained about police inaction following an assault
path Burkina Faso

A priest was kidnapped in Burkina Faso

Abbot Yougbaré, the chaplain of Djibo, disappeared on Sunday the 17th of March

Home Office refuses Christian convert asylum with illogical reasoning

This time asylum got rejected by quoting Bible passages to 'prove Christianity is not peaceful'

Helping persecuted Christians goes against liberal PC agenda

Head of State Secretary Azbej about how to provoke miracles - interview

The Hungarian example is unique in helping persecuted Christians

"We are grateful to Hungary" - said Stephen Rasche (ACN) in the European Parliament
Tanitoluwa Adewumi

8-Year-Old Nigerian Christian Refugee Becomes NY State Chess Champ

"Talent is universal, but opportunity is not"

Surprising fact about Christian martyrs and persecution

Hard to believe but there are more martyrs today than in 1st centuries

The top five African countries where Christians are most persecuted

14 African countries are on Open Door's World Watch List of Persecution

Heroes aren't born. They are cornered.

Heroic father talks of how he confronted terrorists at Christchurch mosque, New Zealand - Watch new video footage!

Special video footage of Nigerian soldiers seen holding mass before battle

These soldiers pray hard before fighting Boko Haram

Iranian Christians' refugee status denied by Swedish authorities

Christians converted from Islam face imprisonment in Iran - a CBN News report

Facebook scandal: censorship built in the program code

Why are we not surprised at

Petition to stop release of „Second Coming” reaches 200 thousand supporters

Petition initiated by S4C shooting for 500 thousand signatures

Nigerian Archbishop Urges International Effort to End Religious Extremism

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama works to advance religious freedom and genuine dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

North Korean Christian Imprisoned for Her Faith Tells of Torture

Imprisoned woman shares how God sustained her amid horrific abuses