Spanish bishop says he is prepared for martyrdom

Council on Social Policy to investigate the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares
boko haram

Boko Haram Kill Eleven in Northern Cameroon

The night raid was the biggest one by the group in Cameroon since an attack in November which claimed 29 lives.
baptismal font

Fulani Herdsmen Massacred Christians after Baby Dedication in Nigeria

The massacred Christians were buried on Wednesday (April 17) after a funeral service at the Baptist church.

Explosions in Sri Lanka: updates

ISIS claimed responsibility without giving any evidence



Helping persecuted Christians goes against liberal PC agenda

Head of State Secretary Azbej about how to provoke miracles - interview

The Hungarian example is unique in helping persecuted Christians

"We are grateful to Hungary" - said Stephen Rasche (ACN) in the European Parliament

Prince Charles' Easter message: knife crime, hope and forgiveness

"Easter is a time which brings hope and harmony"

Why is there no Mass and only a “service” on Good Friday?

It is a special day in the calendar of the Church, one that is designed to prepare our hearts for what will come after.

More Syrians Are Becoming Christians After ISIS

A number of families converted at the Syrian-Turkish border
Omar al-Bashir

Video: Christians rejoice after the removal of Sudan's president

The local Christians spirits have been raised in hope

Why did Pope Francis kiss the feet of the South Sudanese leaders?

Questions and doubts over the Pope’s most unusual gesture

Heroes aren't born. They are cornered.

Heroic father talks of how he confronted terrorists at Christchurch mosque, New Zealand - Watch new video footage!

Special video footage of Nigerian soldiers seen holding mass before battle

These soldiers pray hard before fighting Boko Haram

This Easter, Remember Those Christians Suffering for Living the Commands of Our

As we celebrate Easter this weekend, we must remember those unjustly persecuted Christians all across the world

Why did Pope Francis kiss the feet of the South Sudanese leaders?

Questions and doubts over the Pope’s most unusual gesture

Facebook scandal: censorship built in the program code

Why are we not surprised at
Anne-Mary with her neighbour, Celestin

25 years after the genocide, a woman managed to forgive her children’s assassin

The propaganda of Huhu: “eliminate the cockroaches” was diffused in the RTML radio, and also in some newspapers.

Nigerian Archbishop Urges International Effort to End Religious Extremism

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama works to advance religious freedom and genuine dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

North Korean Christian Imprisoned for Her Faith Tells of Torture

Imprisoned woman shares how God sustained her amid horrific abuses