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Three churches reopen their doors in Algeria.

templom Orán, Algéria

In Algeria, three churches have reopened, however, the existence of these churches is still unapproved because they have not been granted a licence to operate by the government since 2006.

The three churches in Ain Turk, in Oran and El Ayaida were closed last November and February respectively. However, on the 10th June this year, the governor of the province of Oran permitted the reopening of these three churches which are affiliated to the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA, from its initials in French).

However, this permission has not been recognised by the government. According to the law of 2006, each church needs the consent of a national committee in order to function. In this case, the national committee had not yet met, so officially, the request from the Church to reopen has not been sanctioned.

Since November last, at least ten churches were closed by the government of Algeria. The latest closures were at the end of May when the churches of Ait-Mellikeche and Maatkas were closed.

Translator: Ildikó Ungvári

Source: PortasAbertas

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