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When persecution is found in the home

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This is the story of Natasha, a Christian woman who originally came from a Muslim family. Today she is persecuted by her own family because of her Christian faith.




Natasha is an ex-Muslim Christian from Mali. For the last forty years, she has suffered extreme persecution and social exclusion by her own family.  When Natasha converted to Christianity, her family could not accept her decision and made her feel unwanted. Getting married didn’t improve her situation, and in 2012, when Islamic radicals came to power in Mali, matters worsened for her.


Natasha brought up her children in the Catholic faith. Alexander, one her sons, was once kidnapped. He convinced his kidnappers that he was deaf and dumb and after being tormented was eventually released.  Natasha had to move home to save her family from further danger. Despite the move, she still worries about the welfare of her children.


Alexander was traumatised in captivity. Natasha’s other son John is employed by Muslims; his mother is understandably afraid that John will be converted by his boss or by his work colleagues. To make matters worse, the family is still menaced by their Muslim neighbours and by the relatives of Natasha.


Let us pray that God may help Natasha and her children endure this challenging situation. Let us pray too, that he may soften the hearts of Natasha’s relatives so that they will come to accept her Christian faith.

Translator: Ildikó Ungvári

Source: PortasAbertas


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