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Leading security expert reveals that only 10-15 percent of migrants are real refugees

Hungarian security expert József Horváth said that between 85-90 percent of migrants are economic immigrants and are not seeking genuine help. 



According to the security policy expert, if appropriate methods are put in place like databases, it could be possible to screen out who is telling the truth and who is not among incoming migrants.

Horváth said there are competing opinions in the European Union, and the 2019 European Parliament elections will decide whether European societies would like to regain their security.

On August 1st, a new law banning face coverings, such as the burqa and niqab, came into force in Denmark. Based on public surveys, 70 percent of Danes support the ‘burqa ban’, referring to European traditions and the serious security risks.

József Horváth said that banning garments that cover the face really came about as a security issue since sometimes suicide bombers cannot be identified due to their clothes.

The great question is, how far is Europe willing to go with self-delivery, the expert said.

Source: About Hungary

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