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A Moroccan man was sent to a psychiatric hospital after converting to Christianity


A human rights organisation in Morocco has accused the local authorities of forcing a man to go to a psychiatric   hospital because of his “mental problems.” In fact, he merely converted to Christianity.


A Moroccan human rights organisation explained that Adnane Lahmidi, the “person with a mental illness” was forced to go to the psychiatric hospital called Ibn Al Hassan, in Fes on the 8th of  August. The organisation has objected to Adnane’s internment because according to them, the man does not suffer from a mental illness.

In its statement, the organisation claims that the brother of Adnane, a professor of Islamic education is responsible for the internment. He sent Adnane to a mental hospital where,

since the 8th of August, he has been treated with medications that have caused him serious health problems, merely because he professed his Christian faith

Adnane has been released only once in order to celebrate the holiday Aïd Al Adha with his family but was obliged to return to the hospital later to continue his treatment. The human rights organisation has begun court proceedings to get this Christian man out of the hospital and to bring to justice those people who are responsible for his cruel treatment.


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