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A Fulani Christian woman was forced to choose between Jesus and her husband

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After confessing her faith, Diarraye was attacked, humiliated, and expelled from her own home.


Diarraye Diallo* is a 34-year-old Fulani woman, who was born into a Muslim family in Guinea.

Last year, she converted to Christianity and started to follow Jesus Christ. She learned about God from a Christian pastor but had to visit him in secret.  After a short time, she told her husband that she became a Christian. Her conversion was no longer a secret and her angered husband asked her to choose between him and Jesus; she chose Christ. Since then, Diarraye has been frequently humiliated, attacked and even expelled from her own house.


Now she and her children live with her mother, who also converted to Christianity. The two women and the children are forced to live in poverty because they do not receive any financial help from their spouses.

Their church tries to support Diarraye and her little family,  but their situation still remains difficult.


Many women in Guinea suffer from the same dilemma. Let us pray to God to help them in their daily life.


*Name altered for safety reasons

Source: Portas Abertas

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