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Catholic Bishops launch campaign in aid of persecuted Christians

On Thursday, the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference announced that even today,  every five minutes,  one of our Christian brothers is murdered because of their faith or religion. The Conference is launching a fundraising campaign among priests, believers and “all good-natured people” to support persecuted communities in the world. The campaign will run until Christmas. Two years ago 126 million HUF  (USD 455 000) was raised for the same purpose.

The Bishop’s Conference stated that it has always been an “ancient practice” in the Church to support those in need; Christian families who have been displaced from their homelands and had their churches and schools destroyed – genuinely deserve help. As was announced, all can assist in this fundraising effort, regardless of denominational affiliation.

This is the full text of the announcement:

The members of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the lay faithful have been continually made aware of the stark reality of the persecution suffered by our Christian brethren in some African and Asian countries and all around the world.

Persecution takes many forms, from discrimination to the most savage of massacres. According to reliable surveys, a fellow Christian is murdered every five minutes because of their faith or religion. May we regularly remember them in our prayers!.

We do not want to promote hatred against the perpetrators, nor do we want to encourage people to seek revenge. The commemoration of martyrs has been an inherent part of life in our Church since its beginning. It has also been an ancient practice to support our needy brothers and sisters, and the Christian families that have been uprooted from their homelands, had their churches, homes and schools destroyed, for they genuinely deserve [our help].

With a view to assisting our brothers and sisters, we will once again ask the generous donations of all faithful and good-natured believers up until the end of Christmas.  Donations can be made into the following account:

Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, IBAN: HU70-1110-0104-1818-1490-1400-0003

Two years ago already you gave proof of your generosity, when we were able to support our brothers in the Middle East with 126 million forints – USD 455 000.

Every little donation will enable some of our brothers  return to the towns and villages where their ancestors lived for centuries or even several thousands of years.

On behalf of our Christian brothers and sisters we would like to thank you for your generous support!

Budapest, 5 September 2018.

Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference

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