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NGO Exposed Teaching Migrants How to Trick ‘Stupid’ EU Border Guards

A group helping migrants making their way into Europe has been caught on video discussing coaching asylum-seekers to make misleading statements in order to pass “eligibility interviews” and obtain refugee status.


Ariel Ricker, executive director of Advocates Abroad, a non-profit NGO that provides legal aid and training to asylum seekers, describes in a video how her organization coaches migrants seeking entry into the European Union to put on a performance for EASO (European Asylum Support Office) agents, who are tasked with screening migrants.

“I tell them this is acting, all of this is acting as though this is theater,” she says. “So for them to get through, they must act their part in the theater, and that is the refugee in trauma.”

Ricker says in the recording that her organization teaches asylum seekers “how to tell their story, how to frame it, how to literally explain it,” adding that “because these EASO officers are so [expletive] stupid, all they know is what’s written on the paper. EASO says, ‘This is a refugee in trauma, they have these characteristics,’ so we coach people to have these characteristics.”

Director of a major NGO in Europe tells our undercover team how she teaches migrants to lie & pretend to be persecuted Christians to border police. Last year they worked w/ 15,000 migrants. The UN has responded to our investigation calling it ‘alarming’. 

Full story here.


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