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120 Christian Sites Destroyed in Mosul

 Rudaw reports that thousands of Christian homes as well as 120 churches and Christian shrines have been destroyed by ISIS in Mosul alone. It is estimated that the renovation of these properties would cost a minimum of 15 billion dinars ($12,572,700 USD).

The damage ISIS wrecked upon Christians was not just physical property damage. ISIS targeted Christians for genocide and many believers reported how their neighbors joined the militants in their violent intentions. Mosul’s Christians in particular are quick to point out that the ideology of ISIS was heavily present in their city long before the militants made it their capital in Iraq. Community trust was broken, lives lost, families separated.

Whilethousands of Christians displaced by ISIS have returned to the Nineveh Plains, only a few dozen have returned to Mosul. More broadly, most Christians have chosen to remain in the Kurdish Regional Government region rather than return home. Their original homes remain destroyed and security remains unpredictable.

Source Persecution

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