Survey asks women what they needed instead of abortion

Women have spoken about their personal experiences of abortion and the lack of resources and support which led them to the tragic decision. In responses to a survey conducted by the website FemCatholic, women noted a lack of practical information about the support available to young mothers, and also their fear of rejection by family and loved ones.


One respondent said that what she desperately wanted when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, but could not find, were “practical resources, inspiration, and information.”

“How can I finish my degree and be a parent? Where can I live? Can I continue in dorm housing? Are there other mothers out there with thriving careers who started out with an unplanned pregnancy as a single woman?” the respondent wrote.

In many cases, the reason that women chose to have an abortion was, they said, because no one told them they could continue on with their lives and, at the same time, be a young mother.

The same respondent wrote that after she had an abortion, she discovered there was special housing and financial aid at her college for ‘non-traditional’ students and that she could have completed her degree in a modified way.

“It makes me sick to think about it. If that information had been readily available, I would have a ten year old today,” she said.

FemCatholic draws its founding inspiration from Pope St John Paul II’s “effective and intelligent campaigns for the promotion of women.” The website says the survey was taken anonymously, with aim of making support to vulnerable women considering abortion more effective.

You can read more testimonies here.

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