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President Trump Has Signed Resolution “The Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018” Into Law

 “A Demand for Action” (ADFA), a Non Profit Organisation that works for protection of Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and other minorities in Iraq & Syria published the next statement and video on its Facebook page.



With the Iraqi Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda and Yazda, the Yazidi human right organization’s, Executive Director Murad Ismael by his side, US President Donald J. Trump signed into law Tuesday the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability for Yazidis, Christians and other minorities. 

H.R. 390 will provide 8 million dollars from now until 2022 to preserve evidence or investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity and war crimes. The funds would also assist groups both in Iraq and Syria that work with at-risk minority groups.

ADFA is grateful for the historical action taken by President Trump today. We also thank all members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans for supporting the bipartisan bill. 

ADFA was founded for days like this when the victims and survivors of Genocide get retribution – says the statement.

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