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According to Swedish State Television, either the Virgin Mary cloned herself or Jesus was transgender

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The virginal birth of Jesus has always been an inexplicable mystery for non-believers because, according to the Christian tradition, Christ did not have a biological father.  SVT, a Swedish television channel, now offers a novel, albeit peculiar explanation, for the virginal birth of the son of the Virgin Mary.

The SVT TV channel proposes a phenomenon called parthenogenesis that can explain away the mysterious birth of Jesus Christ. Parthenogenesis occurs among algae, fish and frogs and means that an embryo develops without fertilisation. The offspring becomes genetically identical to the mother, which means that it must have the same gender. The logical consequence of such a theory is that either Jesus was born as a girl or that the Virgin Mary must have been transsexual.

According to SVT TV, since both the name and pronoun of Jesus are masculine in the Scriptures, it could also be inferred that Jesus was a transvestite or a transsexual.

SVT  hypothesises yet another explanation –  Mary was a man who lived as a woman and with parthenogenesis gave birth to Jesus, who was thus also a man.

SVT does not try to explain, how the ‘man’ Mary got her female genitals and her uterus to develop, carry and give birth to the boy child Jesus; they are merely content with their new,  gender-modern theory.

Source: Voice of Europe

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