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New cases of child rape revealed in Finland – President says asylum seekers cause unsafety

A number of cases of rape and abuse of children have been revealed in Oulu in the northern parts of Finland since last autumn. The police are investigating another four cases with girls under the age of 15, where three perpetrators of foreign background have been arrested suspected of serious sexual abuse of these children. 

In all cases, the suspects have background as refugees or asylum seekers. And now the police in Helsinki have arrested several migrants suspected of serious rape and serious sexual abuse of children. The crimes have been committed in the last two months.
No direct link with the cases in Oulu is currently known. However, most asylum seekers in Finland and Oulu are Iraqi, Somali and Afghan, so the odds are all of them are of those groups. The names are mostly generic Muslim names.
Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä wrote on Twitter: “As a result of the inhuman and reprehensible events in Oulu and Helsinki, the Government will meet next week in negotiations both on Tuesday and Friday.”
Helsinki police point out the importance of parents informing their children to be cautious on social media, where the foreign rapists find their victims. 
 The police told children and parents be wary and actually said it’s foreign men who usually don’t speak Finnish who do this.
Unfortunately this is not an isolated case, as more young girls are groomed and abused by asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

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