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Insanity at its best: the possibility of trangender boys competeing girls in sports became an issue

A South Dakota legislator introduced a bill this month that would require transgender high school athletes to participate on teams that reflect the gender of their birth certificate. The bill by state Sen. Jim Bolin and Rep. Thomas Brunner – both Republicans – would overturn the current policy by the South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA) that allows high schoolers to participate on whichever team they choose. 

The current policy means a boy who identifies as a girl can play on the girls’ basketball team or run as a girl in track.

In Connecticut, athletes who were born male have won state championships in girls track. There are now many transgender athletes competing across the state, the Hartford Courant reported. 

Parents in Connecticut have launched petitions to prevent boys from running in girls’ track and field events, saying the current rules governing transgender teenagers gives boys an unfair advantage. 

But the policy has its supporters.

“A transgender girl is a girl and ought to be treated like a girl,” Erin Buzuvis, the director of the Center of Gender and Sexuality Studies at Western New England College, told the Courant. “If you start to put limitations or exclusions on their participation, not only do you run the risk of violating state anti-discrimination law but also you are disregarding and disrespecting a population of students based on a core aspect of their identity, which is something that schools should not be in the practice of doing.”

One might say this is insane, but nowadays common thinking is distanced from truth and reality.

We are not far from a society in which 2 + 2 can equal 22.

Source: Christian Headlines, Youtube

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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