Actor Neal McDonough has two rules when on screen: I don’t take the name of God in vain, and I don’t kiss women

Neal McDonough

In Hollywood, it is difficult for Christian actors to keep their faith. In the filming world, money and sex are the two adored deities, and being a faithful Christian is treated as a handicap. Neal McDonough is a talented artist; he is also a Christian and the father of five children. He played in famous films such as Captain America, Star Trek, Minority Report and The Guardian but acknowledges that he was often discriminated against by the film industry because of his religious principles

Neal McDonough is 52 years old, married, and the father of five children. In 2010, he was fired during the shooting of the series, ABC Scoundrels for refusing to participate in sex-scenes with the protagonist, Virginia Madsen. As a result, he was considered to be a “religious fanatic,” a label that hampered his film career for years evidencing that religious persecution is present in Hollywood. Thanks to his acting skills, McDonough was able to return to the film industry, but still finds it difficult to get good roles.

In an interview with the newspaper Closer Weekly, Mc Donough spoke frankly about his faith, his life, and the discrimination he experienced in Hollywood because of his religious beliefs.

During the interview, McDonough explained that he married Ruve Robertson in 2003 and they now have five children. The couple agreed Neal would not kiss other women on screen. “I won’t kiss any other woman because these lips are meant for one woman,” the actor declared. He went on to speak about the two rules that he insists on before commencing a shoot, clarifying that he does not take the name of God in vain nor does he kiss women or do sex-scenes.

Because of his “strict” rules— something he has never regretted, his casting applications were frequently rejected. He was frequently told that he could have earned much more money if he would waiver these two moral principles. In response, he always insisted that he was content with his life and would not change his family or God for all the money in the world.

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