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An American Bishop has stated that pro-abortion politicians should not receive the Eucharist


The US Bishop of Spokane, Thomas Daly said that politicians who voted in favour of abortion in his diocese should first be reconciled with the Church before receiving Holy Communion.

Bishop Daly wrote a letter to this effect on the 1st of February stating that Catholic pro-abortion politicians need to change their minds regarding abortion before they can lawfully receive the Eucharist and asked that they might also make their peace with God and the Church.

The Bishop went on to say that any attempt to procure an abortion during pregnancy goes against the teachings of the Church. He reiterated that human life is sacred and that the unborn child in the womb has a right to life and should be protected by society.

As a result of Bishop Daly’s letter, people around the country have asked that Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, who enacted a bill on the 22nd of January that allows for full-term abortion be excommunicated.

Cuomo has spoken many times about his Christian faith, even after the vote on the new abortion law, a matter that has disturbed the Bishop. “The fact that he supports abortion and talks about his Christian faith in public is unacceptable,” he wrote.

In his letter, Daily invoked canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law, which states that Christians who  ‘obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.’ However, this statement does not imply that the person has been excommunicated.

At the end of his letter, Bishop Daily asked the faithful to pray for political leaders so that their hearts and minds would be guided by God. He also asked for prayers for expectant mothers.

In response to Bishop Daily’s letter and the opinions expressed about it, Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York said that the excommunication of Cuomo could be counterproductive, but he added that if he could talk to the governor, he would ask him to not make the State of New York the world capital of abortion.

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