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Kidnapped students released after two days in Cameroon


176 people, mainly students, were kidnapped from St Augustine's Secondary College, a Catholic school located in the town of Kumbo, in Cameroon on the 16th of February but were released late the following day.

A non-identified group of armed gunmen attacked the college at 5:30 a.m. local time, on Saturday, the 16th of February. They woke the students and their teachers and led them to an unknown location. Initial reports placed the total of missing persons at 200 with some still in captivity. This number was later corrected in accordance with a communique issued from the Diocese of Kumbo.

On Sunday the 17th, national television reported on the release of the  hostages who were abandoned by their kidnappers in the forest. The gunmen apparently fled in haste because of the presence of security forces in the area.

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The news of this recent kidnapping has again shocked the whole district. In November of 2018, there was a similar attack on the town. 79 students were kidnapped from another religious college in Bamenda. They were released on the same day; the culprits were never found nor has anyone determined a motive for the attack.

Kumbo is located in the English-speaking part of the country. It is in one of the two regions where there have been conflicts between separatists and authorities for two years.

Source: Fides, RFI

Photo: Hindustan Times

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