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Too English to be true! – or appreciated

Middle Rasen Primary has missed out on Ofsted’s top grade and instead of a well-deserved ‘outstanding’, got rated only ‘good’ for one sole reason: “Being too English.” The vast majority of pupils are white British, too few of them are from other ethnic groups.

The high-performing Middle Rasen Primary in the small town of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, Middle England was the subject of an inspection of Ofsted, which is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills in Great Britain. Ofsted inspects and regulates services that care for providing education for children and young people, and grades them accordingly.

The reasoning: the school can be praised for high standards of teaching and leadership and for the courteous and enthusiastic behaviour of pupils, but: “The vast majority of pupils are white British.”

As the inspector said, very few are from other ethnic groups. It was failing to do enough to ensure pupils understood the ‘cultural diversity of modern British society’ and experience ‘first-hand interaction with counterparts from different backgrounds.’

However, around 97 per cent of the population in the town to which the school belongs are white.

Parents complained Middle Rasen Primary in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire Middle England was being punished for factors outside its control. However, they had effectively been told it was ‘too English’.

The rules that Ofsted enforces on educational institutions have brought criticism from some other schools and faith groups already.

In another case, a Christian school in Reading says it was warned it could face closure for failing to invite Imams and other religious leaders to lead assemblies.

So while a school in England can now be punished for being “too English,” there will never be any schools in England that will be punished for “not being English enough.”

If a school in England has no white English students, then it is 100% diverse and therefore 100% acceptable. In England then, at no point can a school be “too diverse” but they can be “too English,” right?



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