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The ISIS terrorist, who beheaded Christians, wants to return to Italy


Moncef El Mkhayar, a 22 years old Moroccan man, who participated in the massacre of Christians in the Middle-East, declared to the Reuters news agency that he regretted that he had done and desired to return to Italy.

El Mkhayar is just one of the many foreign fighters who left Europe to join ISIS, and now, after the defeat of the Caliphate wants to come back.

Compared to other European countries, the situation in Italy regarding terrorists who wish to return is still manageable. Until now, only a dozen of the 130 terrorists have returned to the country; most of them do not have passports, so they cannot settle down.

European countries however, are facing a difficult question: what to do with the terrorists of ISIS who desire to return to Europe? Many are European citizens who have grown up here, but at the same time, they have voluntarily joined a dangerous terrorist group.

El Mkhayar lived in Italy for many years but never became an Italian citizen.

In Syria, he posted videos of beheading Christians, and he said: “Look, what we do to unbelievers.” On the 13th of April of 2017, he was sentenced to eight years in prison by the Court of Milan. Since that time, his situation has worsened due to his activity in the Islamic State. Before the defeat of the Caliphate he said: “If I return to Italy, I will blow myself up.”

According to the international expert on terrorism, Lorenzo Vidino, El Mkhayar has no right to return to Italy, due to his terrorist activity, not only in Syria but also before he left Italy.

“Someone who participated in the massacre of women and children, and the eradication of entire peoples, cannot get “tired” and walk out of the situation. He may have some bad intentions on his return.

Moreover, he has to put up with the consequences of his action,” said Vidini.

The situation in Italy is by no means unique. Other European countries, such as Germany and France, are battling with the same problem given that after the defeat of ISIS,  terrorists who went to Syria from Europe to fight are coming back to our continent in the hope of finding a better life.

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