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Ousseynou Sy: “No regrets– I would do it a hundred times over!” ​

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A Senegalese man, Ousseynou Sy, who hijacked a bus in Italy with 51 children on board refuses to apologise for his actions.

After abducting 51 children with their teachers and then setting the bus they were travelling in on fire in Milan, Italy, the Senegalese bus driver was arrested and taken before the Italian law courts. Prior to the incident the driver also sent a video to friends in Italy and Senegal indicating his plans for reckless action with the message: “Africa Rise Up.”

At the court hearing, Ousseynou Sy, a Senegalese immigrant in Italy, defended his actions and attempted to explain his motive for hijacking the coach to the judges.

“I do not regret it. I had to do what I did, and I would do it a hundred times over.”  He justified his behaviour saying that it was his way of sending a warning to Africans  “to stay at home in Africa.”

Sy’s words affirm that he was determined to carry out his vindictive plan; setting the bus on fire clearly conveys his homicidal intentions. Apparently, the hijacker is not troubled by the possible long juridical process that awaits him nor the outcome of the proceedings. “It does not matter [to me], I have foreseen it already. I wanted the world to talk about me,”  he said to his lawyer Davide Lacchini who is trying to exonerate the African bus driver by labelling him as someone who is mentally unbalanced. According to Lacchini, his client has stated that it was never his intention to hurt children, rather that he heard the voices of children drowning in the sea, asking him to do something for them. Sy is quoted as saying: “Do something for them, but do not hurt these other 51.”

“With his actions, he just wanted to get the attention of people from around the world; he did not want to hurt anybody. This is a sign of mental confusion,” said Sy’s lawyer in defence of his client.

Ousseynou Sy is presently an unwelcome prisoner in the San Vittore prison where he awaits the verdict from his trial. The other prisoners throw eggs and oranges at his cell. Criminals, who go to prison for assaulting children are not wanted by the other inmates.

Sy, has never made a secret of hating Europeans for colonising Africa and meddling in their local affairs. His attempt to hijack a bus packed with children may well indicate the hate he holds in his heart for European people.

Source: Il Giornale



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