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A petition to remove the “Abortion Virgin ” sculpture in Argentina was signed by seventeen thousand people

Abortion Virgin

The State Secretary of Culture in Argentina, Alfredo Abriani received a petition, signed by more than seventeen thousand people, to remove a sculpture, called the ”Abortion Virgin” that depicts the mother of God, with a green scarf painted around her face, symbolising support of abortion.

The campaign was initiated by the organisation  of Advocates for Life, using the platform of the local CitizenGO. In the campaign, they demanded that the Seretary of Culture take legal measures to remove what they are calling a profane monument.   

The “artwork” was erected in the ‘Centre of Culture to the Memory of Haroldo Conti’ in Buenos Aires, on the 7th of March, as part of a feminist exposition.

The citizens, who signed the petition, agree with the views expressed in an open letter indicating that the profanation of a religious image with a  green scarf, the symbol that supports abortion, is an offense against religious sentiments. The letter also states that artists have no right to offend the religious feelings of those who hold a devotion to the Virgin Mary, according to the laws of Argentina.

The petition notes that the Secretary of Human Rights, and the Ministry of Culture of Justice and Human Rights, are effectively supporting the promotion of abortion, by not opposing  the spread of the anti-life green scarfs, that have become popular symbols of abortion activists since August of 2018.

This sculpture is only one of the instruments pro-abortion activists use to  promote abortion in the country. CitizenGO also launched another petition that intends to ban the use of green flags in public spaces.  

Source, photo: Aciprensa

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