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Activist who protested against compulsory veil gets one year in prison

Vida Movahedi was arrested last October for showing her head uncovered in Tehran’s Enghelab Square. She was convicted of "fomenting corruption and debauchery" on 2 March, but her sentence was made public only recently. She describes her fight as “civic revolt”.

Asia News reports, that an Iranian court sentenced a woman to a year’s imprisonment after she was convicted of objecting to covering her hair, a controversial issue that has sparked street protests in recent months repressed by force and arrests.

Vida Movahedi was taken into custody last October for showing her head uncovered (pictured) in Enghelab (Revolution) Square, waving her veil and some red balloons, her lawyer Payam Dérafchane told media.

The activist was sentenced for “fomenting corruption and debauchery”, he explained in a trial that saw her convicted on 2 March. State news agency IRNA announced the decision only a few days ago.

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