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Sri Lanka: a short summary of what we know so far

The deadly blasts in Sri Lanka on Sunday killed at least 290 people and left hundreds more injured. Monday has been a day of search and rescue, victim identification, and grief and condolences expressed worldwide.

Earlier today, we caught you up on what happened, who the victims are and where the investigation stands.

Here’s what we’ve learned since then:

  • There were six suicide bombers involved in the explosions. So far, 24 people have been arrested in connection to the attacks.
  • The FBI and Interpol are among the global agencies who are stepping in to assist the investigation.
  • The government may have had information about the attacks prior to the bombings. A Sri Lankan government minister claimed that US and Indian governments had warned of “something terrible,” but it’s unclear if any action was taken.
  • More victims’ names and faces are emerging: a fifth-grader from Washington, DC, a British mother and her two children, an education publishing employee from Colorado, the three children of a Danish retail billionaire.

Where things stand now: It’s now past midnight in Sri Lanka, and people are off the streets under an emergency island-wide curfew.

The investigation will continue on Tuesday, which has been declared a national day of mourning.

Source: CNN

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