Tell the world the truth: there is an Islamic extremist war on Christians every single day

Hananya Naftali, the Israeli prime minister’s deputy social media adviser, describes the dire situation around the world for Christians, who are being persecuted and killed for their faith.

Hananya Naftali turned his passion for spreading the truth about Israel into a career in the Israeli government while openly identifying as a believer in Christ.

For someone who has managed to turn his passion into a job impacting millions of people while facing unique religious challenges, Naftali is humble in describing himself: 

I’m that guy who talks to the camera about Israel and the Middle East conflict.

In this video he gives a straight forward, compelling message about the persecution of Christians. 

“There is an Islamic extremist war on Christians every single day” – he says. “And they are not going to stop there: In their eyes you either must think like them – or die” – he adds. 

“The world must wake up. Share this video” – he concludes at the end of his breathtaking message. 

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