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An international meeting was held on the future of Africa by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ivory Coast

Representatives of several African countries participated in the event. The speaker of the Parliament of the Ivory Coast along with German, French, Austrian and Hungarian politicians and representatives of various political institutions and NGOs were also in attendance.

The participants discussed in broad terms, the future of Sub-Saharan Africa, with a view to establishing possible cooperation with European countries.

Among the participants was Lőrinc Nacsa, who is a member of the Hungarian Parliament and the spokesperson for the Hungarian Christian Democratic Party’s parliamentary group.

Lőrinc Nacsa

The Hungarian politician said that for Europe, it is not only an opportunity, but a duty to cooperate with Africa, given that it is the continent of the future.

“Instead of exercising the degrading approach of trying to teach African nations how to solve their problems, concrete cooperation should be developed.”

Lőrinc Nacsa said that new job opportunities have to be created and that education and agriculture must be improved. He noted that aid needs to be given locally, because “mass migration can only be stopped if we give help right there– where the problem is.”

Hungary already helps in these areas. 

Already more than 1,500 African students are studying in Hungary on scholarships, and concrete aid programmes for Africa, organised by the ‘Hungary Helps Programme,’ are currently in place.

Mr Nacsa concluded by saying that “Churches should be involved in the development of Africa, even if this is constantly opposed by Brussels.”  

Source: MTI

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