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Hungarian Jesuits exhort the editors of America Magazine

America, the Jesuit flagship magazine published an article on the visit of Pope Francis to Csíksomlyó on the 19th April 2019.

In his article at America Magazine, guest author Marc Roscoe Loustau warned Pope Francis to be very careful, because Hungarian “right-wing populists could try to exploit his trip to Romania at the end of May to embolden hostile attitudes toward migrants and refugees”. 

He went on saying that though “many Hungarians go to Csíksomlyó to pray and ask the Virgin Mary for help, others have political motivations that flagrantly contradict Catholic social teaching”. 

Toward the end of his article, Mr Roscoe Lusteau asked the Pope to give a clear message to “Hungarian populists”:

“When he does get to Csíksomlyó, Pope Francis can—and should—send the clearest possible message that Hungary’s right-wing populists don’t have his support. The pope is likely to issue a statement against Mr Orbán’s anti-immigration laws,

and he could use his homily to speak directly to Hungary’s political leaders”. 

In response to this article, the Hungarian Jesuits exhorted the editors of America magazine to exercise greater wariness.

Here is their comment: 

“The Hungarian Jesuits highly respect the freedom of expression and opinion. However, it is painful to see that it is the guest author of America, the flagship magazine of our Society of Jesus, who tries to make sheer political profit from the visit of Pope Francis to Csíksomlyó.

We are taken aback to read that he wishes to set an agenda to the leader of the Catholic church, of whom to meet with, what to say and how he should comment the Hungarian political life in his homily.

While this effort is unworthy as it is, we regretfully notice that the author commits the very same mistake which intention he attributes to others: to try to send political messages over the pastoral visit of Pope Francis.

There is due time and space for expressing political opinion.

Think whatever you may on current political issues; let Csíksomlyó remain what it indeed is: a unique place for pilgrimage of Transylvanian and other Hungarians living within or outside the borders of our country.

Thus the Hungarian Jesuits exhort the editors of America magazine and the author of the article to exercise greater prudence and wariness and request their prayers

so that the visit of Pope Francis may be a vitalizing source of peace, reconciliation and encounter with God.

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