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141 Christians in prison because of their faith in Eritrea


On Friday, the 10th of May, 141 Christians were brought before the courts by the security forces in Eritrea because of their faith.

The detainees who were arrested in a quarter of Asmara, the nation’s capital, left court without any judgement but are still in custody. Among those detained are 104 women, 23 men, and 14 minors.  Although none of the 104 have been officially charged with any crime, the men were transferred to the prison of Abi Abeito and the women to the 4th police station. In essence, they are in jail today just because they are Christians.

In this African country, Christians are suffering from the persecution of a dictatorial government. Citizens of Eritrea, have seen numerous Christians tortured or assassinated for their faith and thousands of believers have had to flee the country.

Since 2002, a law was enacted that prohibits the practice of minority religions, particularly Evangelical Protestantism.

Source: Christianophobie

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