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Belgian Pride Parade draws more than 100 000 people to Brussels

The Belgian Pride Festival reached its grand finale during the annual Pride Parade. Brussels is a city that always embraces its annual LGBTQ Pride celebrations. Over 100 000 people and 70 contingents came down to the capital to party, but also to pound the table on the eve of the local election.


The Belgian Pride Festival is more than just the well-known Pride Parade. Brussels is a city that always embraces its annual LGBTQ Pride celebrations On Friday 4 May the official kick-off for the festival was given in Brussels Town Hall. Offering a varied programme including debates, movies, music performances, the Ihsane Jarfi tribute day and finally the Pride Parade,

The organisations were able to lure thousands of LGBTQ personalities and friends to the city. On the day of the Pride Parade there were over 100 000 people.

On Saturday, May 18, more than 45 organisations were holding a ‘Pride Village’ from 12.00 pm at Mont des Arts. A Pride Parade Kick-Off  then took place in the village from 1.45 pm, hosted by Cesár Sampson, the Austrian contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

Austria’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 was a heart-wrenching gay love song, 
sung by Cesar Sampson. 

This year no less than 70 contingents from all over Belgium joined the exuberant and colourful procession through the centre of Brussels. The festively decorated parade wagons, provided with music and flying rainbow flags.

According to the organisers:

“The theme for this year’s event is #AllForOne, exploring the intersection between the different facets of our identities. Brussels is a diverse city – being queer is a common denominator for many, but that’s just one part of the picture.”

Mayor Philippe Close welcomed everyone to the city during the Pride Parade Kick-Off. We also find the enthusiastic mayor among all the rainbow colours on parade wagons, Pride Village, Rainbow Village and Pride Stage:

Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels with queer queens


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