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Books on religion handled by authorities as pornography in China

The crackdown on religious publications intensifies in Inner Mongolia, officials inspecting postal packages, burning books, and censoring online communication.

A Bitterwinter report

The Chinese authorities continue to use its policy to “Eradicate pornography and illegal publications” to crack down on dissent and religious liberties. Publications that violate “the Party’s ethnic and religious policies,” including non-approved Bibles, hymnbooks, books about religion for children, and religious materials from abroad that are not approved for distribution in China are the primary targets of the suppression disguised as the fight for the moral values.

Bitter Winter has received a confidential document, entitled Special Campaign Plan for In-Depth Implementation of Eradicating Pornography and Illegal Publications to consolidate the frontier for 2019, issued in April by a locality in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that aims to stop the distribution of religious materials as well as prevent information related to religions and critical of the government appearing online.

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