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Christian values is the future, not the past

An international conference is being held in Budapest for Christian journalists and communicators from 4-6 September. The conference is not only for religious people, but for everyone for whom the preservation of Christian culture is important, and who is interested to see what responses Christian democracy is providing to current challenges.


In his lecture on the opening day of the Forum,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s State Secretary for the International Representation of Hungary Tamás Menczer pointed out: “Major forces in Europe and throughout the world today are saying that there is no further need for Christianity, Christian values, Christian culture and Christian democracy; that this is the past and is essentially obsolete. Those who claim this are mistaken”.

“If something is valuable, it cannot be obsolete. Christian values and Christian democracy are not the past, but the future (…) There are some who also believe that Christian values restrict people, but this is not true . These values must be preserved; it is these that provide a direction and framework for our lives”.

“Christianity is also important to us as a religion, but this conference is not just for religious people, it is not a closed forum for the faithful. We would like to reach out to everyone for whom the preservation of Christian culture and Christian values is important”, he said.

Democracy is under external and internal attack. Migration, the reality and danger of the introduction of huge numbers of people with an alien culture and religion, represents the external attack, while the internal attack is the liberal approach that is “so liberal that it will not tolerate any other system of values apart from its own”. According to the State Secretary,

the representatives of liberal democracy seem to have driven out all other value systems, as a result of which they alone have had the opportunity to dictate what others should think about, for instance, the family, nation, culture, traditions and border protection.

“According to the liberal approach, all these must be done away with, but according to Christian democracy these are values that must be preserved. In the spirit of Christian freedom, we need opportunities to talk about these issues”, Mr. Menczer concluded.



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