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Bob McEwen: Hungary took a leading role

Ohio representative Robert McEwen delivered a speech at the Budapest Forum for Christian Communicators that was held recently in the capital of Hungary. The Christian politician praised Hungarian efforts to help persecuted Christians. He stated that besides the US, it is only Hungary that makes a real effort, on the political level, to stop the senseless killing of thousands of Christians every year.

“I loved America and was strongly biased against Communism – that is why I decided to become a politician” – said congressman Bob McEwen (R-Ohio) in his opening remarks. He recalled that from a very young age, he was impressed by the Hungarian people who in “their modern time history aggressively sought freedom.” 

“I was impressed by the revolution of ’56 and the role you played in 1989.” He commented that it was in August of that year Hungarians opened the Iron Curtain and “seven weeks later the Berlin wall fell.” 

Mr McEwen then gave a short description of how Christians, who want to live out their faith to the full, are persecuted in today’s world and noted that this trend is on the rise.  

Today he said, “300 million Christians are persecuted, two-thirds of them are women. In the last year alone, eleven Christians have been killed every day.

He went on to give some concrete examples. “In Afghanistan, Christianity is forbidden with the death penalty. In Somalia Christians are being hunted down by Al Shabaab. In Pakistan, a country of 200 million inhabitants, and with a GDP less than 20 % of Florida’s, Christians are persecuted; there is no freedom there. In Iran, it is illegal to convert to Christianity or to preach about it. Authorities attack Christian house-churches and imprison pastors in ever-increasing numbers.  In Mexico, more than 22 priests were kidnapped or killed over the last 30 months. In Egypt, bandits receive a reward for stealing from Christian girls or forcing young girls for marriage and Islamisation.”

In the Middle East and Africa, persecution of Christians is usually religiously or politically motivated; in democracies, such as Europe and the USA, the underlying motive for harassment of Christians tends to be selfishness and pride. 

People want to live the way they themselves judge to be good or bad. In this regard, McEwen insisted: “truth reveals error; therefore error hates the truth. If there are no standards, we will have contempt for one another. That is why the media won’t say that Christians are the most persecuted” because there is contempt for Christians in the liberal media.”

“Remember the attacks in Sri Lanka? International leaders seriously avoided mentioning what it was— anti-Christian terror. ‘On this holy weekend for many faiths’ tweeted Hillary Clinton; Obama called the victims ‘Easter worshippers’… “

“Error hates the truth” – repeated Mr McEwen in his conclusion.

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