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Church heavily damaged by fire in Canada

saint Philomene church

On Thursday, the 19th of September, the Sainte-Philomène church in Mercier, a small town of Quebec, went up in flames. Local police have launched an investigation, and are presuming that some unknown criminals deliberately started the fire.

The fire was discovered at 5:55 in the morning by the patrols of the local police. Besides the 50 local firemen, many other people from seven neighbour towns helped by the fire-fighting.

The fire was stopped at 7:30, and they could extinct it entirely only at 8 o’clock.

The Saint-Jean boulevard, where the church is situated, was partly closed for three hours. 

After having recognized that there had a criminal incident happened, the local police started to investigate in the case, and they stood permanent surveillance to the church.

This was the third time a fire has broken out at the building. In 1955, it was damaged by fire, though the roof and walls stayed intact. It also went up in flames in 1975.

Source: Radio Canada

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