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Hungary Helps Programme helps persecuted Christians in Jordan to stay near their homeland

Tristan Azbej Minister of State paid a visit to Jordan to inaugurate local humanitarian projects implemented with Hungarian funding and support. The basic tenet of the Hungary Helps Programme is that help must be taken where there are problems, rather than bringing problems here to Europe


Thanks to Hungary’s humanitarian support, the “Garden of Mercy” training centre in Jordan will create the opportunity for dozens of persecuted Iraqi Christian families – who fled the violence they experienced in their homeland – to acquire new skills, as MTI reports.

In the context of his visit, Tristan Azbej Minister of State for Helping Persecuted Christians and the Implementation of the Hungary Helps Programme at the Prime Minister’s Office highlighted that the integration of those attending the training programmes into the local labour market will help them to stay in the region of their homeland.

The Hungary Helps Programme also lays a great deal of emphasis on the education of young persecuted people. The Minister of State attended the inauguration ceremony of a school refurbished from a Hungarian contribution in the settlement of Al Husn.

The educational institution in which almost five hundred students study now has five new science laboratories, and the general infrastructure of the school has also been upgraded.

Mr Azbej further took part in the laying of the foundation stone of the Church of Eternity located in the Tabarbour district of the Jordanian capital Amman, a project which is also sponsored by the Hungary Helps Programme.

In the district thousands of Christians fleeing the conflicts of neighbouring countries have found a new home; however, so far not a single church has been built for them.

Tristan Azbej’s visit in Jordan – Photo: Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office

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