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Mexican singer and actress, Dulce Maria takes a stand against abortion

Dulce Maria

Dulce Maria, a Mexican singer and actress is well-known in her own country for the role she plays in the Mexican soap opera, 'RBD.' To the surprise of many of her fans, Dulce has taken a stand against abortion by coming out in defence of the unborn baby's life and joining the "La Vida Por Delante" (A Life Ahead of You) campaign.


This campaign aims to encourage women, who are pregnant with unwanted babies, to bring the pregnancy to full term and give birth to their children.

The pro-life actress declared: “Information will always be the biggest instrument to help people to make a sound decision, especially if it is about human life. I am standing up for life and rejecting abortion.”

Dulce is participating in the campaign together with the singer Alexander Acha, by presenting the song Los Caminos de la Vida (The paths of life). By performing this piece, both artists wish to highlight the right to life of every human person —from the moment of conception. 

The singer added that she would like to have a baby, and is already planning her wedding. According to Dulce, maternity is an important dimension in the life of a woman.

After her pro-life declarations, the actress was criticised by many of her fans on the internet who shared memes and comments condemning her standpoint. Some have stated that they were disappointed, others cut out her photo from the CD cover of RDB to punish her, and to indicate that she was not worthy of being included on the CD label.

             Dulce Maria removed from RBD poster after taking a stand  against abortion

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