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Knife-wielding extremist attacks Christian family in Egypt


On November 17, 2019, a Christian family sitting outside of the entrance of their house was attacked by a known Islamic extremist wielding a knife. The incident occurred in a rural Upper Egyptian village located just north of Minya City.


According to the information of ICC, the mother, a widow named Houda Hana, received 20 stitches in her head. The younger son sustained minor injuries throughout his body. The middle son, Shenouda, received injuries that required surgery for his liver and intestines. The older son, Mina, was not present during the incident. The family has not been able to return to their home following the attack.

The incident occurred as the family was sitting outside of the entrance of their house, as is a common custom in the villages. Mohammed Eid Moussa walked past their house and began to question why the family would sit in public view. When the Christians asserted their right to sit outside their home, Mohammed fetched a knife from his house and began attacking the Christians.

“It was a very hard moment for me,” Mina told ICC. He is now reunited with his family following the incident. “We can’t get back to the village. Right now, we try to avoid fights and disputes with them. The extremists’ family live in a house which is not far away from us. We will not let them induce us to fight them or anything like that. If we did something like that, we will lose our rights to punish the extremist. We want law enforcement.”

Last year, Mohammed attacked another Christian man with a cleaver. For this reason, many Christians in the village were aware of his violent tendencies. He is known to hate Christians. The police have arrested him, but the family reports pressure from the Church to pursue a reconciliation session, rather than seek justice through the legal system.

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