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Please donate so that we can make Christmas better for persecuted Christians!

As Christmas time comes around, people try to be more charitable than at other times of the year. Even with the best will in the world, it can often be challenging to decide who to support and how to channel your donation. The foundations we are listing have worked for many years to improve the plight of Christians in need.


In this article, we have identified some of the foundations that support persecuted Christians and mention how they are planning to help persecuted Christians this Christmas. Could you think about supporting the one venture that most appeals to your heart? You can be sure that your money is going to the right place.

Open Doors

For more than 60 years, ‘Open Doors’ has raised money to help Christians in need. If you want to donate, you can help with a one-time donation, or you can pay an amount monthly to support long-lasting projects for Christians who urgently need assistance.

Your gift will help strengthen and support believers in the following ways:

  • Bible & Gospel Development: Bibles, Bible study materials, discipleship training
  • Women & Children Advancement: safe houses, trauma counselling, literacy training, job training
  • Christian Community Restoration: rebuilding churches and homes; providing emergency food and shelter, facilitating microloans

Should you decide to support Open Doors, you can donate here.

Aid to the Church in Need

Through the website of ACN international, you can give a one-time donation or commit to contributing a monthly amount. Your donation, large or small, will support the work of the foundation and help Christians in need.

If you would prefer to stipulate a specific purpose for your donation, then please use the ACN website in the United States. Here you can choose to provide hot meals for needy families, supply milk to babies and children, give Christmas packages to children in poverty, support a family in distress with emergency aid or provide transportation for pastoral work. If you don’t choose a concrete situation, ACN will transfer your donation to where it is the most needed.

International Christian Concern

International Christian Concern allows you to select a campaign that you wish to support on their website. Some options for aid are: the reconstruction of communities, contributions towards the ‘Suffering Wives and Children Fund,’ ‘Save our Sisters Fund’ or the ‘Underground Pastors Fund.’

Click here to donate.

These foundations have worked for many years to improve the plight of Christians in need. Whatever way you choose to help, you can be confident that your donation will be put to good use.

Thank You


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