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Muslim youths in Indonesia help security of church during Christmas celebration

Indonesia church

During Christmas, the police and military in Indonesia tightened security around churches to prevent possible attacks from radical Muslims. The authorities across the country sent in special units to inspect churches to make sure no explosives were hidden, before they stood watch to guard these houses of worship.


Meanwhile, there was a group of young Muslims in North Toraja, who for the spirit of religious harmony and tolerance, came to serve their Christian brothers and sisters during their Christmas service.

Youth from the Association of Muslim Youth (Hipmus) of North Toraja lent their hands in securing Christmas worship at the Toraja Church of the Rantepao Congregation, Jalan Abdul Gani, Rantepao District on December 30, 2019.

In addition to helping to secure the surrounding of the church, 15 young Muslims from Hipmus also helped arrange hundreds of chairs and picked up trash.

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