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Indian pastor charged with illegally practicing medicine for praying for healing


A pastor and two other Christians in India’s Madhya Pradesh state were arrested last month after being falsely accused of illegally practicing medicine. The foundation for the outrageous charge against the trio were that the Christians engaged in prayers for healing.


Pastor Mukam Kiraad’s church, the Filadelfia Fellowship Church in Vadi village, was reportedly attacked by tribal villagers radicalized by Hindu nationalists on December 10. According to Morning Star News, the entire congregation was detained by the radicals within the house-church were a worship service was being led.

When police arrived on the scene, they arrested the nine of the detained Christians and held them at the local police station for 10 hours. Radicals seized various items from the house-church as evidence against Pastor Kiraad.

On December 16, Pastor Kiraad and two other Christians were called to the police station where they were arrested and charged with illegally practicing medicine. The Christian trio appeared before a local court and were sent to lockup in Alirajpur jail.

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