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Hungary Defending Christians and Christian values at home and abroad

As his pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-Hungarian policies take hold, Viktor Orbán and some of his Fidesz Party ministers are being more commonly seen as key protectors of Christendom. Since his election to office in 2010, Mr. Orbán has worked to build an old-school Christian democracy, rooted in European traditions. 


In the past 4-5 years Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán‘s government has launched a policy action plan making it easier for families to have children and has nearly halted illegal mass-immigration into Hungary by strengthening border controls. 

In a December speech heralded as “a clarion call for European renewal,” he stated that the “key” to Hungary’s survival over the last 1,100 years was the adoption of Christianity — meaning Catholicism — by Hungarian King St. Stephen. (seen in picture above)  This was Hungary’s “spiritual rebirth and a true conversion,” he said.

Then this year already, at his year-opening international press conference held on Thursday in Budapest, just answering to another journalist’s question, Mr Orbán also said that Hungary is very active in doing all it can for helping persecuted Christians. Their protection requires diplomatic action which Hungary takes “modestly and in secret”.

According to the Prime Minister, demographic challenges present the greatest problems for Hungary. If “we want Hungarian children, not immigrants” and the Hungarian economy is able to generate the necessary resources, the only solution is to use as much as possible of the available resources for supporting families and the raising of children.

He finally informed members of the press that there are ongoing consultations about the extension of personal income tax exemption to mothers with three children in continuation of the family protection action plan.

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