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The city of Warsaw urges pro-life activists to leave their premises

Since their win in the 2018 local elections, the Civic Coalition authorities of Warsaw have been actively promoting a pro LGBT+ agenda. As a result, the Polish capital became a nest of “rainbow” activism in the middle of catholic Poland. On January 7, the pro-life organization Fundacja Pro received an order to leave the premises it is renting in the center of Warsaw.


The premises are rented from the Real Estate Management Board of the Warsaw Śródmieście District (city center). The pro-life activists were threatened that if they did not leave the place, “the landlord would assert his rights in court proceedings for eviction.”

The argument given by the liberal authorities Śródmieście district is that the foundation does not conduct charitable or social activities directed at the residents of the district.

As pro-life leaders emphasize, the current authorities of the capital support pro-abortion and LGBT+ organizations.

Since the takeover of power in the capital by Rafał Trzaskowski and Paweł Rabiej (both from the Civic Coalition), funding for such organizations has increased significantly. During the 10 first months of government, they received almost 900,000 złotys (215 000 euros) from municipal grant programs.

This is more than during the entire last term of Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (800 000 zł). Some of these organizations are “Love Does Not Exclude”, “Polish Society for Anti-Disrimination Law”, “Trans-Fusion Foundation”, “Campain Against Homophobia” and “Federation for Women and Family Planning”.


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