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Cardinal Tagle called for peace amidst tension in Middle East

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila delivered a homily at a predawn Mass, a few hours before the Black Nazarene procession at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on January 9.


Speaking at the solemn predawn Mass on the occasion of the carrying of the statue of the Black Nazarene at Rizal Park, the Archbishop of Manila hoped that the brewing conflict “may not lead to war”.

Calling on the faithful to pray intensely so that “an escalation of revenge will not occur between the US and Iran”, the cardinal also urged for prayers for the Filipinos who could be caught up in the middle of a brewing conflict in the Gulf region.

Speaking in his homily, he said, “Let us pray for the safety of our fellowmen in the Middle East, to dispel the desire to destroy one’s neighbour, to dispel the desire to take vengeance.”  He also urged prayers for the anxious families at home in the Philippines. 

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Photo: Vatican News

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