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Polish lecturer victim of censorship for “promoting anti-choice ideology”

A lecturer of the University of Silesia in Wrocław is facing a disciplinary proceeding for acknowledging “only one kind of marriage”. Ewa Budzyńska is being accused by a group of students of of imposing her “homophobic”, “anti-choice” and “radical catholic” views upon students. She is now facing a disciplinary proceeding.

Ewa Buddzyńska has been a lecturer of Sociology in the University of Silesia for almost 30 years. After one of her lectures on the topic of “Intergenerational ties in world families”, a group of students complained at the university authorities for what they considered to be the imposing of their teacher’s “discriminatory”, “anti-Semitic”, “homophobic”, “anti-choice”, “radical catholic”  and “inaccurate” views.

What enraged the students was to call the unborn baby a “child” and the definition of the family as the basic and natural cell of society, based on the relationship between a woman and a man.

The Disciplinary Spokesman University of Silesia, prof. Wojciech Popiołek initiated explanatory proceedings regarding “suspected offenses against the duties and dignity of an academic teacher”.

Magdalena Majkowska from the Center for Process Intervention Ordo Iuris took Mrs. Budzyńska’s defence:

“A lecturer cannot be required to skip content relevant to the topic in the course of his classes. Certainly the content of the lecture cannot be adapted to the beliefs of the listeners. Nor can the lecturer be required to refrain from expressing scientifically justified doubts or reservations about the phenomena presented. (…) such an expectation would be unlawful censorship of constitutionally guaranteed academic freedom, with obvious damage to shaping the ability to critically analyze stereotypes, including stereotypes that dislike Christianity”
The complaining students felt unease towards the results of researches presented in the scientific press about the effects of raising children by people living in homosexual relationships. The complaint also contained indignation at the critical attitude of prof. Budzyńska to euthanasia.

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