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Christians persecuted in Nigeria amid deafening silence

A Catholic priest in Nigeria releases an appeal for attention and action to the international community as Christians continue to be persecuted and murdered in his country.


In a dramatic appeal to the papal charity, “Aid to the Church in Need”, Father Fidelis says the situation in northern Nigeria continues to deteriorate for religious and for the faithful who are under attack by fundamentalist Islamic militants, Vatican News reported.

His latest appeal follows the abduction of four young seminarians in the city of Kaduna, in north western Nigeria.

It is the latest in a long line of attacks and murders of Christian believers there. An estimated 1000 Nigerian Christians were murdered in 2019 alone for their faith. Some 6000 of them have been killed since 2015.

In his video message Father Fidelis makes a heartfelt appeal:

“I ask the government of Italy, the country where I studied, and all European governments to put pressure on our government to do something to defend us.”

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