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In Luxembourg, almost nine out of ten marriages end up with a divorce

Besides being one of the smallest and wealthiest countries of Europe, Luxembourg is also the undeniable leader of divorce rates worldwide.

Is is worth mentioning that Luxembourg allows a divorce to take place only if three main conditions are fulfilled. Both parties have to express their desire to get a divorce. They both also have to be above twenty one and have been married for at least two years. In Luxembourg, the majority couples are in their fourties when they decide to get separated. 

With a divorce rate of 87%, Luxembourg is by far the country where marriages have the least probability to last. The other places on this sad podium are occupied by Spain (65%) and France (55%). 

In Great Britain, statistics show that the rate of divorces dropped so much that it is as low as hal a century ago (1971). However, the global divorce rate has increased 252% since 1960.

Source: www.unifiedlawyers.com

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