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A “transgender doll” spotted in a Russian store

In a Russian store, one of the world's first "transgender dolls" was spotted at an exhibition. This doll has boy's genitals though she looks and is dressed like a girl.

As reported by the British media, the first transsexual doll went on sale in Russian toy store “Igrushek”. Photos of the doll – with a penis and dress – became popular and quickly spread on social media.

Photos published online show a doll with long blond hair and girlish facial features. Meanwhile, under the red-yellow dress there are male genitals. This doll is the first of its kind noticed in Russia – and probably one of the first transgender dolls in the world.

Last year, Mattel, the toy company, announced the launch of a gender neutral Barbie doll. In 2017, LGBTQI activist Jazz Jennings was immortalized by a doll made by Tonner Doll Company. The doll – which depicts one of the youngest people identifying themselves as a transgender person in the US – had no genitalia.



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