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Stalinists in Spanish socialist government

An official of the Andalusian branch of the Communist Party and member of the government coalition formed by the socialist Pedro Sánchez a very controversial picture on social media. On November 19, José Antonio Martínez Conde tweeted a picture of himself proudly wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of Joseph Stalin during a local commitee.

José Antonio Martínez Conde is an official from the Andalusian Communist Party and is part of the group Unidas Podemos from Pablo Iglesias. 

The right wing blog Contando Estrelas went to search the social accounts of the local Stalinist leader of this party member of the government coalition of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, and found many other publications where Martínez Conde  openly praising “Comrade Stalin”.

It is difficult to believe that in 2020, some people like José Antonio Martínez Conde don’t seem to understand what is wrong with praising one of the bloodthirsty mass murderers of the twentieth century.

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