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Belgium “lagging behind” other coutries on abortion, says Belgian socialist

In an interview published in the french-speaking newspaper La Derniere Heure, belgian socialist Eliane Thilieux expressed that she "will not make presents" to those who oppose the new legislation regarding abortion. The most controversial point of the bill is the lengthening of the statutory deadline from twelve weeks currently to eighteen weeks", she explained

The defenders of the bill believe that Belgium is “lagging behind” many of its European neighbors and that the law in force is “not in line with the reality on the ground”.

For the author of the text, the socialist Eliane Thilieux (PS), Belgium is “lagging behind the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain, where it is possible to have an abortion up to twenty four weeks. (…) In Sweden the deadline is eigteen weeks, and we decided to align ourselves with this country. (…) It is essential not to exceed the “viability threshold”.

Thilieux’s main concern regarding the potentil new law was the fact that it woul be necessary to teach doctors how to perform an abortion beyound twelve weeks of pregnancy.

We will go until the finish“, warns liberal Sophie Rohonyi (Defi) . “We already missed it [the adoption of the law] last year. It would be very disapointing if the law was not adopted this time.”

The truth is that today, in Belgium, virtually any over eighteen woman can go to a planned parenthood center and get an abortion. Flemish conservative Valerie Van Peel asked the project backed by liberal and left wing parties “why is it necessary and urgent”.

The country is currently facing a political to such an extent that there is no government since more than one year. Even in such a sensitive context, liberal and left wing politicians ontinue to push their agenda forward with determination. The Justice commitee will give its opinion on the bill on February 13, 2020. The vote in Parliament will be held on February 20.


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