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7,000 women resign from abortion after watching “Unplanned” movie

During the screening of the pro-life movie "Unplanned" in Mexico, pregnant women in difficult situations could call a number to get some help. The effect saved several thousand lives.

The film was promoted by Eduardo Verástegui – a famous Mexican author and director who is not ashamed of his faith. The trip to 32 states ended on December 30, and Aleteia notices that the tour promoting the film about the history of Abby Johnson “has turned into a national movement to defend life.”  

The actor quoted by Aleteia also noticed that if women had glass bellies, they would not want to have an abortion, because inside they would see a miracle.

Thousands of people benefited from the image of the trust number displayed during the projection. The latest information indicates that nearly 7,000 women in unplanned pregnancy were helped in this way. 


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