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Asia Bibi showed a picture of herself for the first time since fleeing Pakistan

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, who spent eight years on death row after conviction for blasphemy, first revealed her picture as an immigrant in Canada.

The British newspaper The Guardian reported on January 28, 2020, that a brave woman would publish her autobiography “Free at last.” In the picture, she appears with journalist and human rights activist Anne-Isabelle Tollet, who in 2010 informed her about her fate.

Most people find it difficult to understand what her daily life in prison or her new life in the wild meant. This is to be explained in a book that a Pakistani Christian wrote together with Anne-Isabelle Tollet and whic will be published in French.

The journalist told the French radio station RCF that Asia Bibi is feeling well in Canada and that she is “physically and mentally healthy”. As an immigrant, she leads a “simple and discreet life” as a housewife who looks after her children. She was sad that she had to leave her home country – Pakistan, but she still has contact with family members who remained there.

 While in prison since then, she fought unsuccessfully for years to review her sentence. She was convicted because – according to her Muslim colleagues – she insulted the prophet Muhammad by drinking water from the same container as they were – a Muslim woman.   Asia Bibi’s acquittal resulted in sharp protests by Islamists. For security reasons, the authorities initially placed her in a safe place. When after months of waiting departure from Pakistan became possible, she could not say goodbye to her father and her hometown, because she was still in danger.

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