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Canadian archbishop warns Trudeau over new ‘assisted dying’ laws

Justin Trudeau

The president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decrying the effort to further expand euthanasia within the country.


“We strongly urge the Government of Canada, before proceeding further, to undertake a more extensive, thorough, impartial, and prolonged consultation” on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) legislation, Archbishop Richard Gagnon of Winnipeg wrote last week.

The archbishop told the prime minister that a delay in further legal changes was urgently needed “in order to ensure all pertinent factors–social, medical and moral–are carefully and thoroughly considered,” wrote Archbishop Richard Gagnon of Winnipeg. 

The letter, dated January 31, was also addressed to three members of Trudeau’s cabinet as well as the leaders of the other four parties represented in Canada’s parliament. 

Gagnon called the proposed changes to MAiD legislation, which include advance directives and allowing those who do not have a reasonably foreseeable death to be euthanized, “deeply troubling.”

“We listen to those who, gripped by a physical or psychological crisis, see no reason for going on,” the archbishop said. “All of these people are endangered by euthanasia/assisted suicide. They need our steadfast support, our advocacy, and indeed the protection afforded by the very safeguards this government is trying to overturn.”

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Photo: Winnipeg Free Press

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